Frequently Asked Questions

1.How will mentoring or coaching help me?

Mentoring or coaching is a process by which you are guided by an individual with the experience, knowledge, and/or skills of a specific expertise who is able, willing, and available to share this information with you.

There are research findings to prove that under the direction of a good mentor and coach, you are given immediate access to valuable insights and past experiences. Within mentoring relationships, individuals are learning by doing. Individuals are able to practice what they are learning.

2.How is this different from training programmes?

Training programmes impart awareness of skills needed to succeed in the workplace. However, most activities are simulated in the training room and applying the concepts in real life does not happen easily. You will find it much more practical to discuss the real day-to-day situations in your career and workplace with a mentor and coach. While training programmes are for a group of people, mentoring and coaching programmes on are completely customized 1-to-1 sessions which are meant only for you.

3. How can the mentor help me grow in my organization, given that he is not part of it?

A mentor and coach can help you grow in your career even though they may not be a part of your current organization. By equipping you with skills that enable you to perform better, they help you achieve your career and life goals within a given time frame.

4. How can I find the right mentor at mentoring-matters?

At, we have a range of coaches and mentors who are industry experts and are passionate about developing people. You can find the profile of each coach and understand their area of expertise to find the right coach for you. If you have specific needs that you think are not met by the current panel of mentors, do reach out to us and our team will get back to you.

5. What if I cannot come at the time that I had blocked the session with my mentor?

You would need to reschedule your session at least 5 hours before the session. You will then be entitled to an alternate session. Kindly look at our Refund Policy for details.

6. How do I know that the mentor is not going to discuss our conversation with anyone?

The mentors and coaches are contracted to keep the discussions confidential. We do not record the conversation from the platform and respect your need to keep the discussions confidential.

7. Can I meet the coach face-to-face?

With the platform, we aim to achieve the same quality of a face-to-face conversation via online video chatting capabilities. Our geography-agnostic approach aims to make conversations between people geographically separated be possible. While we do not have a facility to make face-to-face conversations possible, kindly reach out to us in case of a specific need and our team will get back to you.

8. I have a mentoring programme in my organization. Why I should I look at external mentors?

While there are lot of benefits with an in-house mentoring programme, the mentors identified for you have other responsibilities as well which makes it hard to give dedicated time for this programme. External mentors at are there only to mentor you, and are available for you at a click away. While engaging with mentors external to your organization, you get a broader perspective of the industry and an assurance of complete confidentiality.


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