Privacy Policy

Information concerning the Client Organization which is available with Mentoring Matters includes the following:

  • Email address and name of the employee of the client organization who is participating in the Coaching Program
  • High level reports associated with the coaching program per employee
  • Date and timings of the coaching sessions undertaken by the employee
  • Feedback given by the employee on the effectiveness of the sessions

The services provided by Mentoring Matters include only coaching/mentoring services and the platform/web-application is not critical to the service. No business critical/personal data apart from name and email address are available with Mentoring Matters. No business-critical data is stored on the platform. Pre-approved high-level reports of coaching engagements are stored. We do not have access to PII and SPI data of employees.

User logins to the system with the email id provided to Mentoring Matters by HR of the Client Organization and a pre-set password. Consent of users to use the platform is taken during a kick-off meeting. Consent is also taken in the platform from the user before the data like reports is viewable by the HR.

The email addresses of the visitors to the website who wish to contact us for utilizing our services are captured with user consent. This email address will be used only for contacting the concerned person to understand their coaching requirements. This information will not be shared with anyone outside the organization.