Reschedule And Cancelation Policy

As an online mentoring platform, Mentoring Matters provides you with a Refund and Cancellation Policy that ensures maximum customer satisfaction. We offer high quality services at your convenience; however, we do understand that sometimes certain things are beyond control. Please carefully read through our refund and cancellation terms in order to avoid any confusion.
IMPORTANT: The time of the session is reserved for the user (you) who has booked and paid for the session. Being on time is extremely important as our mentors and coaches have allocated time especially for you.

Session cancelled by the mentor or coach

If your session is cancelled by the mentor or coach you have booked an appointment with, you are entitled to reschedule another session at a mutually convenient time.

Session cancelled by client (you)

If your session is cancelled by the mentor or coach you have booked an appointment with, you are entitled to reschedule another session at a mutually convenient time.

  • 15 hours or more before your scheduled session time, you will be entitled to reschedule another session at a time mutually convenient to you and your mentor.
  • Less than 15 hours before your scheduled session time – No alternate session will be given as this is a big inconvenience for the coach or mentor who has especially allocated this time for you and cannot use this time with other client.

Other reasons for cancellation

There may arise reasons such as bandwidth issues from the mentor or coach’s end, other technical issues leading to disruption of the session, in case the coach is 15 minutes or more late for the scheduled session and does not compensate for the lost time, user not happy with the quality of service* etc. In such cases as well, an alternate session can be booked at a time that is mutually convenient.

*Requesting for alternate session if the client (you) are not happy with the services will be considered after reviewing of the case by Mentoring Matters review and customer care committee. Please remember that coaching and mentoring are very subjective and may take a while to be of help/benefit to the client. There is, however, no guarantee as to the outcomes of these services as your coaching depends on various factors. Refunds will not be considered if you think you are not benefiting and/or your issues remain the same. You have the right to terminate services at any point in time for any reason.

Alternate session Request - Technical Difficulties

If the time lost in troubleshooting the technical difficulties (at the coach or mentor’s end) is 10-15 minute or less, the coach can compensate for it by giving you extra time in the session. Have a discussion with your coach about the same.
If it is more than 20 minutes request for alternate session will be considered on a case to case basis. In case of technical problems like electric cuts/ poor bandwidth at the client's end the alternate session would not be considered as the coach has booked that time for you and is entitled to the fee for the booked time.
When requesting for an alternate session due to technical issues please ensure you attach a screenshot of your bandwidth speed and a time stamp. After the session ends immediately go to check your download and upload speed and take a screenshot of the results. Attach this screenshot along with the time stamp when you request for a refund due to technical difficulties.
Please remember you can reschedule your session by logging on to Alternatively, requests can be made by emailing us at